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Deanna Templeton: The Swimming Pool Special Edition


Limited edition includes ---

1. Special hard cover slip case W/ specially printed cover - edition of 30

2. Extra printed Edition page that is hand number by Deanna Templeton

3. Second editional page with image that is only in the 30 special edition books

4. Comes with 8 x 10 Custom signed, numbered and stamped 8 x 10 inch Fiber Based Print.

5. A truely limited unique piece



The Swimming Pool is a new photographic essay from California-based street photographer Deanna Templeton (born 1969) that departs from her usual style to offer an expressive, intimate view of the human form underwater. The series was born after an impromptu nude swimming-pool shoot of husband and artist Ed Templeton, which spurred an eight-year journey in the study of light, expression and the enigma of water.

Shooting on black and white and color film, as well as polaroids, Templeton sent friends or at least friends of friends into the pool to be photographed in their truest form. Unlike her street photography, in which subjects were often strangers, Templeton found that creating these portraits required more intimacy and connection—a feeling that is apparent throughout every image in the series, which show strong, liberated individuals, confident and at ease in their most beautiful and vulnerable of moments.

As Ed Templeton writes in his afterword to this volume, “ the nude swimmer is floating in a void of quiet solitude, the gentle pressure of being underwater enclosing her form like a baby in a womb and nothing exists outside of this world. A lone figure amidst a sea of blues and greys and frenetic sunlight per- forming a solitary dance for the photographer above, choosing movements and directions, twisting and swooping, contorting and expelling breaths painting a picture of form and light together.” The Swimming Pool offers a deep and inspiring view of the human form.

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